Global Coffee Export's experience and market intellect continues to keep us ahead of the ever-changing coffee market. The success of a brand entering into an existing coffee market will be dependent entirely on consumer acceptance. Our "Follow the Leader" slogan clearly outlines our objective and is the reason we have been able to launch successful brands in many different markets.

Global Coffee Exports will firstly identify the brand leading taste profile in your market in which you wish to compete. We then rely on our cupping department to identify certain intrinsics such as acidity, body and roast, enabling Global Coffee Exports to replicate the required blend using the finest coffee beans from the worlds leading coffee plantations.

Our product range ensures that you are able to compete in all caregories within the coffee segment. This is a key factor to increasing your brands market share. With Global Coffee Exports you will be in a position to offer customers instant spray and freeze dried coffee, instant powder Cappuccino and a large range of roast & ground coffees.

Our entire product range is backed with our HACCP and BRC Certification ensuring that state of the art machinery and procedures are used to produce brand leader equivalent products and packaging.

* Instant Spray Dried Powder
* Instant Spray Dried Agglomerated
* Instant Freeze Dried
* Instant Cappuccino
* Roast & Ground
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